I have found that through this network my blog has grown and I've been presented with opportunities to work with various brands on different projects. If it wasn't for Saibh and Sinead and the genuine interest and support they have for each of their Bloggers I wouldn't have really known how to approach doing these collaborations or how to put a value on the work I do. Their vast knowledge and personal approach combined with their desire to see Irish Bloggers be recognized and valued for what they are worth is what sets ITWBN apart and what will keep it growing in the future.

Aisling Harris

"ITWBN has offered me a platform and opportunity to network with other bloggers, it has provided huge support and advice which I would not have received elsewhere. The events have been amazing, informative, fun and the guest speakers have given important and helpful advice on all aspects of the blogging and media."

Pam Kuss - Pam Loves Fashion

Networking is such a huge part of having a successful blog and presence online. ITWBN has opened many doors for me and I’ve met so many lovely bloggers! I find the support the bloggers give one another is amazing! I enjoy the events because it’s a chance to glam up, go out & have a giggle with people that have similar interests to you

Charlene Flanagan MUA

ITWBN has had a huge impact on my life, as well as being an amazing platform to promote my blog, I’ve met amazing people and that has really helped me. The support I’ve gotten from the network has been incredible. Joining ITWBN has been one of the best things I’ve done in a long time!

Catherine Cooke - Paws Off Blog

Since joining ITWBN, I’ve felt more passionate and confident about blogging. The support and encouragement from the network has been fantastic. Saibh and Sinead have created a community that will keep on growing and greatly affect blogging as a career well into the future in Ireland.

June Carmody - Sometimes Write