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 Sinéad Carroll and Saibh Egan


Sinéad Carroll

Founder & Managing Editor

I am responsible for the strategy and execution of innovative content for Into The West Blogger Network including blog articles, online video and e-books.  I have a passion for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle landscape, along with killer project management skills. I am extremely process oriented, budget and numbers savvy, and enjoy creating efficient strategies for running an online digital property.  I am a self-starter, fun, energetic, forward-thinking and love to network. |

Saibh Egan

Creative Director

I am responsible for producing the design, branding and web content for Into The West Blogger Network. I oversee the media content, planning, blogging and PR for ITWBN and #itwbnBlogSchool and enjoy organising and branding our events too! I am constantly working to keep the brand fresh, young and well co-ordinated. I love to build an environment and ethos whereby  the very best ideas can be born and thrive, then fill that environment with the brightest talent! As creative director of ITWBN I love the diversity of all the bloggers. There really is something for everyone and I love seeing them evolve and being here to help if they need it.

I have been blogging since 2010 at as well as working with other Irish bloggers in the areas of design, branding, web design/layout and offline marketing materials too. I thrive on helping people unlock their talents and helping them to realise their dreams. I love to share the knowledge I have gained over the years and I take great pleasure in seeing all the blogs come alive and grow. My core personal ethos is for people to support each other and share knowledge, and I think I bring this to Into The West Blogger Network.



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