Galway Food Festival '16

at The Skeff


The Skeffington Arms Hotel; or The Skeff as the locals call it, is knows as Galway’s meeting place. Since 1850 the people of Galway have been coming to The Skeff Bar & Kitchen for the great quality food, the friendliness of our staff and the lively nightlife but most importantly they come here for the Sceil (gossip), to meet old friends and catch up over a drink or two.


Here's what our Bloggers have to say about their experience at The Skeff

Being a Galway girl, myself and my friends are regulars to The Skeff. Its location, cosy secluded vibe, comfy couches and extensive cocktail list are what draw us there. 
- The SuperFitFoodie

I grabbed a lovely latte and headed into the event  which was totally packed, I guess I’m not the only chocoholic in Galway. I felt at ease with my fellow chocolate crazies haha!! This event was like my DREAM event I’m chocolate obsessed and I always have been and I’ll continue to stay on my chocolate filled rocky road (see what I did there)   ) until I’m forced to get off!!! 
- The Beauty Kemple

Galway is known for it’s festivals and the Galway Food Festival is an amazing celebration of Irish Food and it has been one of the stand out events for me for the last number of years.
This year over 70,000 people attended and the theme of the 5th Annual celebration was 100 years of Irish Food – there was an amazing selection of home grown and artisan foods at the market and many of the bars and restaurants around Galway also held events. 
- Floralesque

If there’s one thing you should know about me by now, it’s that I like food. Love it, in fact! So, as you can imagine, when I was invited by ITWBN to attend a cookery demonstration on ‘Breakfast Baking’, I jumped at the chance! Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day (hence the incessant #porridgeporn on my Instagram), so I was excited to get some new ideas. I rarely get more adventurous than oats or omelettes, so I figured some change could be good!

- French Toast & Fitness

In Galway we love our festivals, when I’m not there for one I always have fomo (fear of missing out!). I was excited to go to Galway on Saturday last as the 5th annual Galway Food Festival was on from 24th – 28th March. It is always on over Easter weekend and has been getting bigger and better each year. I was asked to pop into The Skeff Bar & Kitchen for breakfast during the Food Festival as part of a collaboration with Into the West Blogging Network.
- Dairy Free Kids

In Galway we have a festival for everything. From Arts to Horse Racing, Oyster, Film, Fashion, Comedy, Harry Potter and Literacy, there’s something for every interest. My favourite is the Galway Food Festival.

It’s probably the newest to the calendar but is fast becoming the main event on the Easter weekend. With street stalls, talks, debates, cooking demo’s and tasting menus all over town, visitors and locals are spoiled for choice. On the Sunday evening I managed to get a front row seat at The Skeff Bar and Kitchen’s Whiskey Tasting Event with a few other ITWBN Bloggers.


- The SuperFitFoodie

Galway is well known for its love of festivals, nowadays its also garnering a reputation as the gastro capital of Ireland. With superb restaurants, gifted chefs and now a brilliant and ever improving food festival it’s easy to see why.
I was fortunate to get to a number of the events organized for the weekend, all of which we well attended and thoroughly enjoyable.
- Galway Player

My Favourite one of the evening The Powers Johns lane release, surprised me as it was quite strong but I got a lovely Vanilla taste from it and I actually really enjoyed drinking this one, maybe it will be my new drink!! 
- The Beauty Kemple

The word whiskey comes from the Gaelic words uisce beatha which translates as “water of life”. It is thought that whiskey was one of the first drinks to be distilled in Europe.  Many, many years ago the Irish monks are said to have travelled throughout the Mediterranean countries and one of the skills they learned was how to distill perfume.  When they came back to Ireland, they passed their newly learned skills on and, out of this the Irish modified the process to make a drinkable spirit!!!
- Holistic Mummy

The Skeff had such an intimate evening set up with about 12 of us for the whiskey tasting so we really got all the attention we needed...because lets face it we're a needy bunch!
- 21st Century Fox