ITWBN Mixer at 56Central

Last week, the Into The West Blogger Network bloggers were invited along to the most stylish new restaurant in Galway City – 56 Central. 56 Central is where Lynches Cafe stood for many years on Shop Street at the very heart of Galway. Lynch’s closed its doors on May 2nd and re-opened as 56 Central earlier this year, under the ownership of Gill Carroll, who also owns the successful 37 West in Newcastle.

56 Central has been careful designed by a team of local talents including Dan Gardener Original and Finbar 24/7 and of course the captain herself, Gill Carrol.

As you enter 56 Central you will see a giant heart at the top of the stairs, the heart has 2 pumps, each pump sends blood around our body. The blood line is represented by a continuous line around the building into all our rooms of reflection – 1. The Garden, nature – 2. The Site, food –  3. The Art Room, Art & Culture – 4. The Vault, people love & connection. This really shows how 56 Central is so much more than a restaurant. It’s art, it’s living, it’s breathing, it’s creating, it’s interacting and it’s loving.

Gills first baby is 37 West in Newcastle were she successfully made ‘healthy the new sexy’ a few years back. Her aim here is to connect people back to why they eat and to choose locally sourced produces were possible.

We arrived on the evening to find the most beautifully decorated table and reception area for our party complete with personal place settings, giant lollipops, personal mini bottles of Prosecco and personalised postcards to everyone!! Gill, the star hadn’t missed a beat, she and her team had all the tiniest details of our party perfected. We were greeted with a glass of the most beautiful Elderflower Prosecco topped with strawberries and a wonderful welcoming from Gill herself.

We were quickly seated, at our personalised places (its the little touches isn’t it?!) and before we knew it the waiters started to serve. First up was the mini Collerans mince beef burgers on Jeremy Les Petit Doucher mini brioche buns with ballymaloe relish – the cutest little sliders Id ever seen, yummy too! Next up was the 56 Central homemade gluten free bread with 56 central baked ham from Castlemine butcher Lizzi’s piccalilli. Im not normally a ham eater but wow, this was amazing and the Lizzi’s Piccalilli was so zingy and tasty!

Then we had the Sausage sliders made from Castlemaine Meat with Loughrea honey and The Lodge Barna’s Prosecco and Tarragon Mustard, these were truly a fantasy for the tastebuds! The 56 Central Cuinneog buttermilk Chicken was next followed by the Spicy Potato Bravas, both of which were gorgeous with a spicy bite! Queue the mini bottles of Prosecco! 

Then the most gorgeous pink Galway Goat Farm Goatscheese with beetroot piccalilli and garnishes was served which was amazing and the Mini fish cakes tartare and caper made with Alis Fish Market Fish too! One I wasn’t expecting was the Naturally Gluten Free Nacho canapés from Blanco Nino (Little Ass Buritto). These were delicious and went down a treat with everyone!

Then for the best bit – the sweet selection from Sugar & Spice!! Mini mint areo, mini oreo, carmel, mini brownie & mallows. By the time we got to the desserts, we were absolutely full but you know, they always get a good home! Then Gill served her own homemade 56 Central Cupcakes with cream which were gorgeous and knowing we were all pretty full,  even gave us all 56 Central takeaway cups to bring them with us!

At this point, I should mention that the 18th was one special blogger’s 21st birthday!! Ms. Dianne DuJour!! So the wonderful host Gill arranged a little birthday surprise cake complete with candles and singing Happy Birthday to our special girl! It really is these special moments which solidify our little group not to mention these little touches from the restaurant which make you really want to go back and support them! We were thrilled to be able to celebrate with Dianne on her special day!

We can see now how 56 Central has become a breeding ground for successful entrepreneurs who come in to work on creative projects and soak up the energy of the art on the walls and the energy from the old Galway wall which holds up the central Processo bar. The place is truly bustling with life and energy and the staff seem to really love what they do! They [the crew] all wear tshirts saying Grateful too which we absolutely love because at the end of the day, we all have to be grateful for everything in such abundance. 

Gill Carrol is our kind of person, she is positively brimming with sparkle, positivity and love for what she does. Her absolute passion for her job and what she’s achieving is nearly infectious and once you meet her you feel that passion running in your blood!!

We definitely recommend 56 Central now as somewhere to spend a nice evening meal or indeed a party (ahem, this christmas!!) or celebration evening for a birthday or something. For Reservations,  pop Gill an email at or bell her on 091 569511.


These ITWBN mixer evenings are always such a great way to get to know the bloggers a little more. As I see it, bloggers need some real life, face to face interaction to counteract all the time spent behind the computers and both #itwbnBloggerEvent and these mixer events make that possible. The general consensus is that after each of our events, no matter how small, people leave feeling reenergised and rebooted and ready to continue their bogging journey safe in the knowledge that theirs bloggers our there who support them and have their back.