#itwbnBloggerEvent Uncovered


Into The West Blogger Network is a network for Irish Bloggers at home or abroad. It is a place for Irish Bloggers to connect, support, network and have fun too! Into The West Blogger Network (ITWBN) is open to all bloggers living in Ireland and also for those who are further a field, travelling and blogging from other countries.

With #itwbnBloggerEvent, we have created a place for bloggers to connect and network.  Bloggers have informed us that before ITWBN, they found it very hard to not only reach out to other bloggers but difficult to meet up in real life. With #itwbnBloggerEvent, bloggers come from all over the country to meet each other and awesome, long lasting friendships have been made!! After all, your blog friends are waaaay better than your real friends when it comes to talking about blogging!

We are the ITWBN family (if you’ve been to an event and heard us talk then you know what this is about) and family sticks together, family supports each other and family inspire each other.  If you haven't been to an #itwbnBloggerEvent well it's time you did, it will be the best decision you make this year. 


#itwbnBloggerEvent is also a great way for bloggers to meet brands, businesses and pr companies. Most bloggers we know ask us how to start working with brands and companies. Well #itwbnBloggerEvent is creating an environment whereby the brands and bloggers can meet. At the recent #itwbnBloggerEvent at The g Hotel we had brands such as The Body ShopNo7 (Boots)AmberDebenhamsCotton Face and Insight Hair. These brands were there not only to show of some of their goodies but to meet bloggers that they might like to work with in the future. The perfect way for bloggers to connect with the brands, give their business cards and work on mutually beneficial collaborations.

The ITWBN  goodie bags also are a great way of opening the lines of communication between the bloggers and the brands. All the products in the bags were hand-picked by us and they all have a person/brand/company attached to them who is looking to work with bloggers. Take for example PIXY, a fantastic Irish Brand – the soaps and bath bombs in the ITWBN goodie bag were a gorgeous treat, if you enjoyed them, then write a blog post  about your experience, share it and then tweet it to PIXY! They want to hear your opinions online and are waiting to hear from you. This is the same of all the goodie bag companies. The Body ShopAtir ShapewearBlank Canvas CosmeticsNo7 (Boots)AmberSo… Fragrance?The Handmade Soap Co.Karora TanWetnWild Cosmetics and more.

At each event we try to present at least three special guest speakers to share their journeys or skills with the bloggers. From twitter magicians and PR gurus to established, successful bloggers and SEO stars, we try to mix it up so that the attendees get a little knowledge and education but also some laughs and fun too! We always say, if you learn even one thing to enhance you blog/your brand then it was well worth it. Knowledge is power.

So there it is – the #itwbnBloggerEvent it is what you make it. If you just fancy a day out, meeting bloggers then #itwbnBloggerEvent is for you. BUT if you decide to take the opportunity being presented to you and network with the people, the brands, the PRs and more, #itwbnBloggerEvent will help you grow  your blog and your brand  in so many ways.


The next #itwbnBloggerEvent is in September, we have a very special guest coming and we know its going to be amazing! Be sure to sign up the mailing list to be first for information about the ITWBN events! Simply email itwbnireland(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line mailer and in include your blog URL.

Photography by LoveJoules